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It’s been authenticated by Fact Check. He lies all the time, over 20,000 times in going on four years, surely a world’s record. About the only time he doesn’t lie is when he says words like “a”, “of”, and “the”. So when president Trump says that leftist terrorists are responsible for the rioting and violence taking place in American cities, this is just another of his sleight-of-hand tricks. It’s the old “now you see it, now you don’t”. Remember in the election of 2016, when he invented the threat of illegal immigrants as the major threat to security? He rode that fear into the White House. So it’s logical that he figures, “I did it before and I can do it again.” Immigration is stale in 2020, so now he came up with a new whipping target, the protesters objecting to police brutality. This is “red meat” to his “law and order” followers. Except they fail to note that protesting is a patriotic tradition in our country, part of the very First Amendment of our Constitution. Now the president reimagined these protests as “the threat of violence and rioting from the left,” meaning the Democrats.

trump rideing tank over the election

by Bramhall NY Daily News

Meanwhile the greatest fomenters of this kind of behavior in this country are the extreme right. You know, the president’s pals on the alt-right, the skinheads and the latest addition to his menagerie—QAnon. What they have in common is that they are all fervent supporters of president Trump and hate the Democrats and left-wingers. Guess what? According to The Center for Strategic and International Studies, right wing extremists account for 90 percent of the terrorist violence in this country. That says it all. So, the president is blaming the Democrats for acts for which his most fervent supporters are largely responsible. This includes a subset of rightist extremists known as Boogalooers. They show up at events like BLM protests or pandemics or hurricanes and add fuel to the fire to destabilize society. They espouse violence and love of firearms, and spark violence and looting at police protests, usually disguised, so that BLM or some other leftist group gets the blame for the acts. There have been virtually no arrests by the police of members of BLM or the Antifa for violent acts. And the looting and violence takes place at night when these protesters have long packed up and gone home.

Two events showed how violent actions, enraged by the president’s vitriol, resulted in death. On August 26, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times, two protesters were then shot to death by Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year old right-winger. He was “open-carrying” a rifle, which is allowed in Wisconsin, but not for under-18s. The boy is an admirer of police and was dressed in police-like auxiliary garb. He then nonchalantly continued to walk around and was given water by friendly police; that is not the way they treat BLM protesters. He rode back to his home in Illinois. Photos then revealed what he had done, and he was hauled back to Wisconsin.

On August 30, thousands of right-wing flag-waving supporters rode into Portland, Oregon to mess with the peaceful George Floyd protesters. One of the right-wing supporters was shot and killed by rifle fire. Don’t be surprised if another right-winger did it by mistake, as the only ID the victim had on was a Patriot Prayer hat. And if the president wants to confuse protesting with riots and violence, it’s easy. All you have to do is have the military, National Guard or police lob tear gas, use pepper spray and disperse the crowd with shields and batons. While this mess is going on, who notices that this was just a peaceful crowd?

Remember what the president did on Easter Sunday? That’s when he decided to go to the nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church. Turns out there was a throng of BLM protesters gathered there at the time he wanted to do his presidential walk. So, he called out the military to disperse the crowd and when the tear gas had dissipated, he strolled over and began waving the St. James Bible. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, whom the president conned into taking this photo-opportunity stroll, was so embarrassed that he had been hoodwinked into putting his troops into such an excessive situation, that he vowed they wouldn’t be used for such an excursion again. The president has a history with these nasty right-wing types, starting around 2010 with Steve Bannon, owner and editor of the alt-right Breitbart News. Bannon was a constant inspiration to the novice Trump, in formulating his authoritarian and dictatorial philosophy. This Breitbart site and newspaper has been almost a Bible to alt-right and skinhead types. After serving a few months as the president’s chief of strategy, Bannon was exiled. He is currently facing indictment for stealing from a fund that he had established to get donations to build the wall with Mexico. Just to make sure he isn’t lacking in right-wing counseling, the current senior advisor for policy to the president is Stephen Miller, a former associate at the same Breitbart News.

The latest happening on the right-wing circuit is QAnon. This blog, started up in 2017, was about a Washington DC pizza joint where reportedly a child porno ring operated that drank the blood of its victims and was supposedly headed up by Hillary Clinton with many leftist leaders participating. Instead of a crazy one-shot deal that quickly fades away, QAnon now has hundreds of thousands, if not a few million followers. With variations, this group has come to think that the only one who can save us from the threat of the Hillary group is, who else, the president of the United States, if he is elected for another term. Of course, the president quickly disassociated himself from these crazies, right? Wrong. He said, “These are people who love our country.” Sure enough, several QAnon backers ran in the recent Republican primaries and one, Marjorie Taylor-Greene of Georgia, got the nomination. She will undoubtedly be elected in November since her district is highly Republican. President Trump proudly congratulated her on her win. QAnon is becoming part of the Republican repertoire, a welcome addition in Republican circles with the alt-right and anti-Semitic/anti Black skinheads. At the Republican Convention, Mary Ann Mendoza, a QAnon leader and planned program speaker, got the axe at the last minute. This was because an anti-Semitic tweet of hers was revealed earlier that same day by the Daily Beast, alleging that the Jews were trying to take over the world banks from the “goyim”.

Despite the disingenuousness of his continual comments, they are having some effect. The popularity of the BLM, which had been way up there, has started to become more tenuous in polls. Despite Vice-President Biden still having a commanding 10-point lead in the national polls, the gap has narrowed in the critical swing states. Seeing this, Biden has left his front porch and started out with a personal appearance in Pittsburgh, where he confronted Trump on his leadership and rightly blamed him for the unrest. This is before the polls came out that consider what the president really thinks and says about our military and veterans.

Now to top it off, the President admitted to Bob Woodward who was writing a biography back in late January that he knew that the upcoming coronavirus would be very deadly,. At that time he was assuring the country that it was no big deal. He said that he was doing this to avoid a panic. Next thing you know he’ll be telling the Weather Bureau not to tell us about an impending hurricane so as “not to panic the people.” When you stop to think about it, the Trump charges, that the Democrats will cave to the left wing and there will be non-stop violence and erosion of our Democracy, are baseless and illogical. After all, this unrest is going on in his administration, right under his very nose. He has largely inflamed the chaos. If he was going to prevent this in four more years, why doesn’t he do it now? Because he doesn’t want to. He wants to keep the unrest going. What else can he talk about, with a raging pandemic and a deep recession, if not a depression, going on? As Joe Biden says, “He keeps telling us, if he were president you’d feel safe. Well, he is president, whether he knows it or not.”

The president was in a rare mode recently. In a couple of days, he executed a trifecta, in his eyes. On Monday night, August 31, he went on Fox News with Laura Ingraham to state that a plane full of thugs wearing black uniforms had flown to Washington to disrupt the Republican National Convention. Of course, no proof of this mysterious flight could be found. Then there was the line that “people you never heard of, people in dark shadows” were controlling Vice-President Biden. The icing on the cake came when he talked about the pressure police were feeling in Kenosha. It got so bad, he said, that “they choke just like in a golf tournament; they miss a three-foot.”  Equating a policeman shooting Jacob Blake to a golfer choking a putt is the worst gaff since telling people to drink poisonous sanitizers to prevent Covid-19 The next thing you know, a group calling itself “Serial Murderers for Donald Trump,” headed up by Jeffrey Dahmer, will be forming. When queried about his new advocates, the president could be expected to say, “there are some good people there, who made a few mistakes, and I welcome their support.”

The word is that Republican lawmakers have been running away from reporters the last couple of days, to avoid having to comment on the president’s latest wackiness. Partisans tend to dismiss these comments with “that is Trump just being Trump.” They don’t recognize that when the president doesn’t show leadership in the Covid-19 epidemic, kowtows to the Russians and other autocrats, slaps nutty tariffs on international goods, gives a tax break to the super-rich, ridicules just about every group in our country, breaks International agreements with our long standing allies, snickers at and kicks aside the rules of our Republic, persecutes immigrants and lately berates innocent protesters, these are also “Trump being Trump,” to the shame of our nation.

“Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!” –President Trump

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