What is The Advocacy Newsletter?

Much of today’s writing, in print or broadcast news, looks at what is happening, but only at one point in time. It leaves out the critical big picture. The Advocacy Newsletter takes a longitudinal “deep dive”, looking at current events on both the political and social scenes. In doing this, The Advocacy Newsletter delves into how things are related, hence the subtitle, Connecting the Dots…

Each Advocacy Newsletter is self-contained, giving the reader most of the “five w’s”: who, what, where, when and why. For each essay,  a basic understanding of an issue and of the personalities involved is provided. The origins and history are revealed, with a description of what led up to the current situation. Included are other incidents of a comparable nature and how they turned out, ramifications of the events covered and corrective actions that should be undertaken or considered. This means doing research that draws upon the current news as well as on history, religion, science, quotations, and biographies, to fill out the picture.

Stolzie tries to keep in mind that the reader often has to be informed of the basics of a subject when it is not widely known. He encourages his readers to share their thoughts and responses with him. His style is breezy and hopefully, funny. It is intended to keep his audience interested, amused and informed. A new essay appears once a week, usually on a Thursday. He hopes you will look for them.


Praise for The Advocacy Newsletter

Good article. You’re definitely a terrific writer.      – Lloyd G

Thank you for this latest—and all previous—newsletters and commentaries. Not only do you know an enormous amount about a variety of topics, but you write with remarkable grace and fluidity.   –Vic L.

Great read. Wow!!   –Shelly K.

Good as always.   –Bernard B.

Your article gave me a clearer and more coherent understanding of the problem. Thanks.    –Ellen O.

Excellent overview of the problem. One of the best I’ve read.  –Elaine S.

Compelling.   –Paul F.

Good stuff. Looking forward to Part 3.    –Nina Y.

Think it is exciting to learn something that is a “deep dive” into a topic or get a new perspective on an issue. I am a fan.   –Janet C.

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