Highlights From the Newsletter Archive


89 If it looks Like a Duck… What Ivana said, in her divorce suit, was Donald Trump’s favorite bedtime reading?

91 Regulation or Deregulation?

94 On Saying “Sorry”

98 Will Work Disappear?

106 Medical Malpractice–Who benefits from medical torte reform: patients, doctors, hospitals or insurance companies

108 How the Military Screws Everything Up

119 Now, Voter Suppression On a National Scale



32 Government—A Dirty Word: Should it be considered so?

42 The United States: A Worldwide Leader In Peace?–You’d be surprised to discover where we stand compared to other countries

45 Reverse Mortgages– Skating On Thin Ice

49 What Did He Know and When Did He Know It?–Why politicians say “Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know it.”

53 Why Do We Care So Much About Manufacturing Jobs and When Are They Coming Back?–There is a simple way to create millions of good paying jobs.

57 The .0001 Percenters and Racism

64 Vladimir Putin: Quite a Guy


9 Vengeance vs. Retribution in the Middle-East– What ancient law is Israel breaking by destroying homes of terrorists?

12 Things Go Better With the Koch Brothers– How the Koch brothers wound up running the Republican Par

18 Why Don’t Financial Law Breakers Have To Do Time–Now?

20 Why Some People Love to Hate the ACLU

29 Shame on the Healthcare Industry

30 Solitary Confinement–Is It Torture?


1 Corporations Are Human–Really? The Supreme Court Says That Corporations Can Have Sex

2 Five Unfeeling and Unwitting Justices

4 Why and When “Unions” Became a Dirty Word


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